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Prosperity Stud Ring - Crystal Ring

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"I choose prosperity over failure!"

☀Our healing Prosperity Stud Ring is such a beautiful choice for your next buy! This lovely crystal rings with crystal studs is one you can not miss out on! This one of a kind ring will flow in all forms of prosperity whether its love, money, growth or success in all that you do. This one of a kind ring will help in all areas of your life while it shines in the beautiful sun light! Set the intention of what you seek in life and watch it come into your life before you know it! This ring is a must have for growth on all levels! Buy yours today!

Benefits of Spectrolite:
✔Accesses the highest levels of consciousnesses and elevates vibration
✔Allows wisdom and knowledge to flow to your life from your akashic records
✔Helps with reducing insomnia from overwhelming energies and emotions
✔Banishes fears, anxieties, limitations and brings out your strengths
Benefits of Lapis Lazuli:
✔Protects against psychic attacks and negative energies
✔Encourages a deep sense of self-awareness and reveals inner truths
✔Allows energies to align and to purify from negative to positive so that you may raise your vibration
✔Helps with bonding relationships whether love or a friendship so you may speak your truth and express your feelings and emotions
Benefits of Rose Quartz:
Known as the crystal of "love," this crystal works directly with your heart chakra
Enhances peace, love, harmony, comfort and strengthens your sense of fulfillment
Heals and dissolves emotional wounds, trauma, fears and any negative energy held within
Promotes self-love and draws loving energies towards you
Benefits of Opal:
✔Illuminates positive action and self love
✔Allows for the deepest emotions and desires to surface to bring clarity to you
✔Soothes and cleanses the emotional and mental body
✔Acts as a protective stone during meditations or deep inner healing sessions
Benefits of Green Aventurine
✔Brings luck and strengthens manifestations for prosperity and abundance
✔Releases old habits, old behaviors and any disappointments 
✔Enhances motivation, creativity and strengthens you while moving through obstacles in life
✔Removes EMF and protects against environmental pollution
Benefits of Turquoise:
✔Balances and aligns all chakras and provides a powerful energy flow through your body 
✔Excellent with aiding depression, exhaustion, and gives a strong sense of peace
✔Deflects harmful energies and can be worn to protect you from any negative situations 
✔Strengthens love and happiness to have healthy relationships in your life
Benefits of Black Agate:
✔Known to be a crystal for grounding and protection
✔Balances your energies and rids of all negativity from your aura and being
✔Brings a positive influence of courage , strength and abundance to your presence
✔Helps with healing diseases, headaches, skin problems and most physical conditions

☀Our rings are made from metal and platinum plated copper wiring. Copper is known to be a strong energy conductor, which will enhance the benefits of the crystal. Copper has been known for its healing benefits, such as natural anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial qualities.
Ring Size: Adjustable
Ring Material: Platinum Plated Copper
Crystal Dimensions: 2.5 x 1.8 x .5cm