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Ancient Ammonite - Crystal Chips Shell Pendant Necklace

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"Everyday I wake up with up with a peaceful mind and a grateful heart."

Our RARE Ancient Ammonite necklace is composed and professionally handcrafted from an ancient fossil known as Ammonite. This beautiful fossil is now extinct but can be used to bring many benefits to your everyday life such as  powerful grounding and enlightening energies! This rare fossil is combined with our powerful crystal chips which radiates an energy that is out of this world! Buy yours today!

Benefits of Ammonite Fossil:
✔This shell holds the vibrations of Mother Earth Gaia and Universe
✔Brings good luck, fortune, abundance and great success
✔Due to the years of growth, it's known to bring knowledge and ancient wisdom
✔Encourages the state of personal power and strength in life
Benefits of Amethyst:
✔Enhances spiritual awareness and elevates your level of consciousness
✔Activates Crown and Third Eye which allows wisdom and your intelligence to expand
✔Acts as a shield of light around you and purifies your aura
✔Helps with boosting positivity and focus and rids fear, stress and all forms of negativity
Benefits of Clear Quartz:
✔Protects your energy from any lower level vibrations and negativity
✔Helps with increasing energy flow and removing blockages
✔It provides a physic and emotional balance within
✔Enhances concentration, memory and helps with visualizations
Benefits of Sodalite:
✔Rids negative energy from your aura and brings deep healing within the body
✔Boosts immunity and protects your from common illness
✔Strengthens relationships in business and friendships
✔Increases rationality and intelligence 
Benefits of Green Aventurine
✔Brings luck and strengthens manifestations for prosperity and abundance
✔Releases old habits, old behaviors and any disappointments 
✔Enhances motivation, creativity and strengthens you while moving through obstacles in life
✔Removes EMF and protects against environmental pollution
Benefits of Citrine:
✔Brings mental clarity, boosts confidence and creativity
✔A great stone for manifestation and brings your intentions into reality
✔Removes anger and negativity from your aura and brings light to you
✔Aids digestions and helps with detoxifying your system
Benefits of Tiger Eye:
✔Builds endurance, inner-strength and courage to achieve your dreams
✔Increases creativity, imagination and brings out your inner-child energies
✔Promotes pleasure, satisfaction and enjoyment with every moment
✔Helps with releasing fear, negativity and gives a sense of balance in all areas of your life
Benefits of Red Jasper:
✔Enhances security, stability, balance, self-trust and self-love
✔Removes negativity, anxiety, worry and stress from your mind and body
✔Very strong stone for grounding and connecting to Mother Earth Gaia
✔Increases memories and gives strength to remember your dreams

☀Our nylon rope is made to rest peacefully around your neck while being adjustable to fit most sizes. Fashionable, adjustable and very comfortable while resting around your neck. 
Rope Length: 18"
Rope: Nylon
Pendant Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.5 x .6in
Crystal Material: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Sodalite,
Green Aventurine, Citrine, Tiger Eye, Red Jasper