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Crystal Moon Crescent - Crystal Pendant Necklace

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"I now release all that no longer serves me and I open up to receive my highest good!"

☀Our magical Crystal Moon Crescent specializes in the ability to empower your manifestations and to draw them into reality. The Crystal Moon Crescent will guide you towards the steps that need to be taken to achieve your goals and dreams in life. With this wonderful pendant, it will also establish strong connections to Universe, allow deep healing and transmuting , and will enhance the experiences you encounter in life!

Benefits of White Onyx:
✔Helps with boosting self-confidence and self-worth so that you're able to love yourself unconditionally
✔Strengthens harmonious energies into relationships in life that lack communication or patience allowing a stronger connection to be built
✔Activates and empowers the Third Eye and Crown chakra to allow your psychic senses to increase, while providing strong inner guidance and knowing
✔Breaks patterns of resistance in life to allow you to overcome worries, doubts, fears and all that no longer serves you
Benefits of Tiger Eye:
✔Builds endurance, inner-strength and courage to achieve your dreams
✔Increases creativity, imagination and brings out your inner-child energies
✔Promotes pleasure, satisfaction and enjoyment with every moment
✔Helps with releasing fear, negativity and gives a sense of balance in all areas of your life
Benefits of Labardorite:
✔Great with strengthening your intuition and provides higher levels of consciousness to the Angelic Realms
✔Powerful with shielding your aura and protecting you from any negative energies 
✔Stimulates imagination and creativity to assist with any creative projects or endeavors
✔Allows you to see the truth behind all situations and removes illusions from your presence

Benefits of Rose Quartz:
Known as the crystal of "love," this crystal works directly with your heart chakra
Enhances peace, love, harmony, comfort and strengthens your sense of fulfillment
Heals and dissolves emotional wounds, trauma, fears and any negative energy held within
Promotes self-love and draws loving energies towards you
Benefits of Howlite:
✔Boosts ambitions and allows you to have the mindset to achieve them
✔Aids insomnia and reduces over thinking
✔Increases patience and allows you to eliminate rage, anger, pain and stress
✔Strengthens communication and encourages awareness towards emotional expression
Benefits of Amethyst:
✔Enhances spiritual awareness and elevates your level of consciousness
✔Activates Crown and Third Eye which allows wisdom and your intelligence to expand
✔Acts as a shield of light around you and purifies your aura
✔Helps with boosting positivity and focus and rids fear, stress and all forms of negativity
Our chain is made from gold plated Copper. Copper is known to be a strong energy conductor, which will enhance the benefits of the crystal. Copper has been known for its healing benefits, such as natural anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial qualities. 

Chain Length: 18"
Chain Material: Gold Plated Copper
Crystal Dimensions: 4.3 x 3.3 x 1cm