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Obsidian Designer - Crystal Necklace

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"I am proud of myself and all I have accomplished!"

☀Our beautiful hand crafted Obsidian Designer necklace will have you feeling protected, grounded and clear with all that you do. With strong grounding capabilities this will allow you to feel connected with Mother Earth Gaia and also feel safe, protected and shielded while doing so. Great for meditation or grounding and with being present in the current moment while protecting your energiesBuy yours today!

Benefits of Obsidian:
✔Very strong with protecting you from any negative energy or spiritual attacks
✔Draws and absorbs mental stress and tension within the body
✔Promotes growth in all areas of your life
✔Enhances clarity in the mind and helps you acknowledge who you truly are

☀Our nylon rope is made to rest peacefully around your neck while being adjustable to fit most sizes. Fashionable, adjustable and very comfortable while resting around your neck. 
Rope Length: 18"
Rope: Nylon
Pendant Dimensions: Vary depending on selection