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7 Chakra Luna Cresent Moon - Crystal Necklace

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7 Chakra Luna Cresent Moon

"I am enough! I have enough! I do enough!"

☀Our enchanted 7 Chakra Luna Cresent Moon pendant is one to not forget! This powerful 7 chakra activating necklace will balance your chakras, align your energy and allow you to release any energies that are no longer serving you. With our moon pendant, this allows you to feel the energies of new beginnings or renewal. Allowing you to let go of what's no longer serving you while attracting manifestations that serve you. If this necklace is calling to you, you know it's meant to be yours! Buy yours today!

Benefits of Amethyst:
✔Enhances spiritual awareness and elevates your level of consciousness
✔Activates Crown and Third Eye which allows wisdom and your intelligence to expand
✔Acts as a shield of light around you and purifies your aura
✔Helps with boosting positivity and focus and rids fear, stress and all forms of negativity
Benefits of Sodalite:
✔Rids negative energy from your aura and brings deep healing within the body
✔Boosts immunity and protects your from common illness
✔Strengthens relationships in business and friendships
✔Increases rationality and intelligence 
Benefits of Aquamarine:
✔Clarifies perception, sharpens intellect and clears confusion 
✔Soothes fears and increases sensitivity to your energies and emotions
✔Shields the aura and aligns your chakras with healing energies
✔Useful for finding closure in life and bringing peace within
Benefits of Turquoise:
✔Balances and aligns all chakras and provides a powerful energy flow through your body 
✔Excellent with aiding depression, exhaustion, and gives a strong sense of peace
✔Deflects harmful energies and can be worn to protect you from any negative situations 
✔Strengthens love and happiness to have healthy relationships in your life
Benefits of Tiger Eye:
✔Builds endurance, inner-strength and courage to achieve your dreams
✔Increases creativity, imagination and brings out your inner-child energies
✔Promotes pleasure, satisfaction and enjoyment with every moment
✔Helps with releasing fear, negativity and gives a sense of balance in all areas of your life
Benefits of Orange Jade:
✔Increases joy, happiness and fulfillment
✔Guides us to be more in tune will all living and beings around us
✔Charges your energy source and amplifies action taken
✔Assists with digestion and increases immune system
Benefits of Red Jasper:
✔Enhances security, stability, balance, self-trust and self-love
✔Removes negativity, anxiety, worry and stress from your mind and body
✔Very strong stone for grounding and connecting to Mother Earth Gaia
✔Increases memories and gives strength to remember your dreams

Our chain is made from platinum plated Copper. Copper is known to be a strong energy conductor, which will enhance the benefits of the crystal. Copper has been known for its healing benefits, such as natural anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial qualities. 

Chain Length: 18"
Chain Material: Plated Copper
Crystal Dimensions: 4.2 x 1.5 x 0.6cm