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Crystal Wand Water Bottle - Crystal Water Bottle

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"I will try my best everyday!"

☀Our elegant Crystal Wand Water Bottles are top notch quality for everyday water bottle users! With holistic healing capabilities from our natural crystals, they will charge and purify every bottle you drink. With each bottle you drink, you will feel the beautiful pure natural energies flow through you with every swallow. You will always be able to enjoy your crystallized healing water! Order different crystals for different healing propertiesBuy yours today!

Benefits of Amethyst:
✔Enhances spiritual awareness and elevates your level of consciousness
✔Activates Crown and Third Eye which allows wisdom and your intelligence to expand
✔Acts as a shield of light around you and purifies your aura
✔Helps with boosting positivity and focus and rids fear, stress and all forms of negativity
Benefits of Clear Quartz:
✔Protects your energy from any lower level vibrations and negativity
✔Helps with increasing energy flow and removing blockages
✔It provides a physic and emotional balance within
✔Enhances concentration, memory and helps with visualizations
Benefits of Citrine:
✔Brings mental clarity, boosts confidence and creativity
✔A great stone for manifestation and brings your intentions into reality
✔Removes anger and negativity from your aura and brings light to you
✔Aids digestions and helps with detoxifying your system
Benefits of Rose Quartz:
Known as the crystal of "love," this crystal works directly with your heart chakra
Enhances peace, love, harmony, comfort and strengthens your sense of fulfillment
Heals and dissolves emotional wounds, trauma, fears and any negative energy held within
Promotes self-love and draws loving energies towards you
Benefits of Obsidian:
✔Very strong with protecting you from any negative energy or spiritual attacks
✔Draws and absorbs mental stress and tension within the body
✔Promotes growth in all areas of your life
✔Enhances clarity in the mind and helps you acknowledge who you truly are
Benefits of Rainbow Flourite:
✔Increases positive energy, confidence and concentration
✔Balances your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body
✔Reduces and rids stress, negativity and anxiety
✔Protects and shields you from all forms of spiritual attacks
Benefits of Green Aventurine
✔Brings luck and strengthens manifestations for prosperity and abundance
✔Releases old habits, old behaviors and any disappointments 
✔Enhances motivation, creativity and strengthens you while moving through obstacles in life
✔Removes EMF and protects against environmental pollution
Benefits of Epidote:
✔Helpful for breaking free from negative thought patterns
✔Clears any energy blockages in the physical body and brings a sense of flow and balance
✔Increases awareness to the true feeling of love and abundance
✔Healing to the heart space and provides the energy encourage more self-love
Benefits of Howlite
✔Boosts ambitions and allows you to have the mindset to achieve them
✔Aids insomnia and reduces over thinking
✔Increases patience and allows you to eliminate rage, anger, pain and stress
✔Strengthens communication and encourages awareness towards emotional expression
Benefits of Mahogony Obsidian:
✔Very strong with protecting you from any negative energy or spiritual attacks
✔Improves awareness and intuition to provide clear thoughts in the mental space
✔Eliminates all energetic blockages within aura and provides a flow of energy
✔Stimulates growth on all levels and helps with breaking free from negative beliefs
Benefits of Tiger Eye:
✔Builds endurance, inner-strength and courage to achieve your dreams
✔Increases creativity, imagination and brings out your inner-child energies
✔Promotes pleasure, satisfaction and enjoyment with every moment
✔Helps with releasing fear, negativity and gives a sense of balance in all areas of your life
Benefits of Dragon Blood Jasper:
✔Promotes creativity, courage and self-love
✔Boosts focus and resilience with achieving daily tasks and goals
✔Balances the intellectual, emotional, physical auric energies
✔Ignites Heart and Root chakra and stimulates higher energy levels and increases loving thoughts
Benefits of Green Flourite:
✔Increases positive energy, confidence and concentration
✔Cleanses the aura, chakras and any negative mental conditioning
✔Heals heartache, past trauma and emotional wounds
✔Protects and shields you from all forms of spiritual attacks
Benefits of Lapis Lazuli:
✔Protects against psychic attacks and negative energies
✔Encourages a deep sense of self-awareness and reveals inner truths
✔Allows energies to align and to purify from negative to positive so that you may raise your vibration
✔Helps with bonding relationships whether love or a friendship so you may speak your truth and express your feelings and emotions

☀Our crystal water bottles are handmade and also Eco-friendly with holistic healing capabilities. The bottles are made from stainless steel. The crystals are wire through drilled holes. Dish washer safe when disassembled.

Bottle Material: Glass
Bottle Dimensions: 9.4" x 2.59"
Bottle Capacity: 550ml