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Red Sage - Smudge Stick

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"I release attachment and choose peace. I am strong, free, and able to choose what honors me."

☀Our lovely Red Sage will have you breathe taken with all of the wonderful benefits it brings to your everyday life! With the benefits of healing, blessing and purifying, it truly can do whatever you set your mind too! With this sage you will feel grateful, pure and abundant at every moment! Buy yours today!

Benefits of Red Sage:
✔Attracts love and blessings into your life
✔Increases the flow of abundance into one's life
✔Very strong for cleansing and purifying spaces
✔Enhances protection in all spaces and within your aura


☀With each session of smudging your space, set an intention of what you would like accomplish. Whether it's clearing negative energies, attracting love and light or allowing positivity to flow in to your presence. Open all windows and doors in your area to let the negative energy out. Visualize white light in all areas you're smudging and walk clockwise around the house while smudging as many times as needed to feel the impact or difference in the energies around you.
Smudge Stick Length: ~5"
Rope Material: Hemp Twine