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Rosemary Sage - Smudge Stick

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"I bless this space and cleanse away all negativity. Only positive energy is allowed."

Our lovely Rosemary Sage is beautiful for it's wonderful protecting and cleansing energies. Known for purifying thoughts and loving energies to bring peace of mind and confidence to yourself in all situations. Also great when getting into deep prayer or meditation. This is a must have! Buy yours today!

Benefits of Rosemary Sage:
✔Deep cleansing tool for your home, presence and aura
✔Strengthens your mind and promotes confident thoughts
✔Banishes negative energies from your mind and space
✔Works great with meditation and praying

☀With each session of smudging your space, set an intention of what you would like accomplish. Whether it's clearing negative energies, attracting love and light or allowing positivity to flow in to your presence. Open all windows and doors in your area to let the negative energy out. Visualize white light in all areas you're smudging and walk clockwise around the house while smudging as many times as needed to feel the impact or difference in the energies around you.

Smudge Stick Length: ~4 1/2"
Rope Material: Hemp Twine