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Smudging Set - White Sage, Abalone Shell, Stand & Feather

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"I fill my heart with love & light, as I smudge myself to release pain, anger and hurt. I give gratitude for my peace!"

☀Our clearing White Sage smudge sticks will clear away negative energies in your space and your area. Allowing white light to enter your presence and to raise the vibration. With our enhanced White Sage smudge sticks, they will rid any unwanted energies, spirits or negativity from your mindbody and aura! With the help of the lively Abalone Shell, you'll feel the presence of peace, love and light with every smudging session! When negativity is cleared from your being and environment, this will allow lovelight and blessings to flow into your life! Buy yours today!

Benefits of White Sage:
✔Rids the body, objects and spaces of negative energy and welcomes in fresh, new positive energies.
✔Known to bring clarity and clear out any over thinking or negative thoughts
✔Enhances the connections to the spiritual realm and increases the strength of your intuition
✔Protects and wards off any evil spirits and any unwanted energies
Benefits of Abalone Shell: (Approx. 5 1/2")
✔Great for stabilizing during emotional or stressful situations
✔Strengthens communication and cooperation skills with others
✔Activates physic awareness and increases your intuitive thoughts
✔Enhances feelings of love, peace and compassion

-Wooden Hand-Carved Stand (Tripod)
-Turkey Feather

☀With each session of smudging your space, set an intention of what you would like accomplish. Whether it's clearing negative energies, attracting love and light or allowing positivity to flow in to your presence. Open all windows and doors in your area to let the negative energy out. Visualize white light in all areas you're smudging and walk clockwise around the house while smudging as many times as needed to feel the impact or difference in the energies around you.

Smudge Stick Length: ~5"
Rope Material: Hemp Twine